A piece for International Women’s Day 2021.

‘Every day I see racist, discriminatory headlines and rancid Twitter debates invalidating transgender women’s right to exist.’ No, these are not my musings from today, or yesterday. These words have been lifted, untouched, from my Instagram story on March 8, 2020.

The pertinence of this today upsets and angers me, in equal, visceral amounts. This observation was made a year ago and is as searingly relevant today. It begs the question, have we made any progress in the last 365 days?

More specifically, have British feminists embraced the need to focus distinct energies…

Thoughts from a long, draining week.

TW: mentions of sexual assault and rape

Crossing over to the other side of the street will not save women’s lives. It will not make us feel safe enough to live our lives freely, without compromise or qualms. You can call out your mates when they make degrading comments about women; you can call out your mates when they harass women. But what is that solving? You are merely picking weeds out of the ground, rather than uprooting the soil and dousing it in weed killer.

Men feel entitled to women’s bodies. This is the essence of the problem. I…

I wrote the first half of this piece the night before U.S. Election Day. It was pre-emptive; a way to prepare for the imminent re-election of Donald Trump. Reading it back now, it reeks of doom. It encapsulates my fear of being hopeful in the face of a second national lockdown and the possibility of another four years of Trump. The second half represents my resolved headspace in the days after Election Day and contemplates the necessity of transforming hope into action in the aftermath of a pivotal event.

In my ideal world, today would be very different.

I would sit and contemplate which of Trump’s policies Bernie Sanders…

Last week, I was able to visit my local independent cinema for the first time since the beginning of March. Desperate for the experience that brings me so much solace, I ended up buying a ticket to see Misbehaviour, a film based on the women’s protest at the 1970 Miss World contest. As I also recently watched the BBC documentary covering the same topic, I thought that it could be useful to ponder on the lessons that this protest can teach modern-day feminists exactly half a decade later.

On 20 November 1970, activists from the newly formed Women’s Liberation Movement…

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